LMC Series Semi-automatic shrink machines can make small and medium-sized packaging easily. With the manual and motorized cover closing options, you can easily find a packaging machine you need.

It has a film width of 550 mm to 680 mm and can make up to 15 packaging per minute. Optional winding machine can be integrated into the system. Thanks to the intelligent cutting system, cutting temperatures are easily determined and can be operated at a constant temperature. Fixed wire temperature and stainless chassis features ensure long life.



The M and H series have been designed separately for customers. The M series has the feature of closing by motor drive without the need of compressed air, while the H series has a reverse weight system in the manual jaw closure.

  • Hole drilling through perforator, and semi-automatic button-guided chin system
  • Hand and finger protection sensor, responsive and reliable jaw
  • Touch-screen automation system for ease of use
  • Easy to connect to heat tunnels and automatic drain with height adjustable discharge band
  • Automatic packaging duration control and optional trim winder
  • Good quality and fast packaging process thanks to quality production and quality products


The general properties of the produced LMC Series are listed.

  • M Series : Sealing L-Bar is driven by a motor (no need for compressed air)
  • M Series : In automatic mode,sealing bar cycles automatically for safety
  • M Series : In free mode, sealing bar is triggered by buton
  • M Series : Sensor detects any obstacle and stops the cycle automatically for safety
  • H Series : Sealing L-Bar is closed by hand,weight is balanced with reverse load
  • Easy to integrate with all types of heat tunnel directly
  • Products are discharge by internal belt conveyor automatically
  • Operated by digital control panel
  • Position of the working table can be adjusted with respect to product width
  • Single-axis film roll holding profile can be easily removed,replaced and fixed
  • Easily transportable on wheels inside a facility


The general avantages of the produced LMC Series are listed.

  • Practical semi-automatic solution for low and medium capacity requirements
  • Easy to use,compatible with health and safety standards
  • Ability to provide heat tı wire at exact efficient dose,realized by l-Sealing System
  • Ability to keep wire temperature constant, realized by l-Sealing System
  • Increase in sealing quality, process accuracy and life-span by stabilized heat control


The technical details of the produced LMC Series are listed.

Sealer Bar Opening: Maximum Capacity: Maximum Product Height: Maximum Roll Diameter: Working Height: Compr.Air Supply: Film Types: Color:
250 mm 10-15 Packs/Minute* 245 mm 250 mm 860 mm No POF:7-37 mic. PVC:15-25 mic. Light gray RAL7035

Types of Compack Series Chamber Machines:

LMC 58x44-H LCM 80x65-H LCM 58x44-M LCM 80x65-M LCM 95x-65M
Working Principle: Close With hand Close With hand Motorized Motorized Motorized
Cross Sealers Lenght: 540x440 mm 800x6500 mm 580x440 mm 800x650 mm 900x650 mm
Maximum Film Width: 550 mm 680 mm 550 mm 680 mm 680 mm
Installed Power 400V 5A 3 Phase 400V 6A 3 Phase 400V 5A 3 Phase 400V 6A 3 Phase 400V 6A 3 Phase
Average Comsumption: 2 kW / 1,4 kW 2,4 kW / 1,8 kW 2 kW / 1,4 kW 2,4 kW / 1,8 kW 2,6 kW / 2 kW
Dimensions AxBxC 700x1260x1210 mm 1100x2050x1100 mm 700x1500x1210 mm 1100x2050x1100 mm 1100x2260x1100 mm
Palletized Size AxBxC : 900x1460x1250 mm 1300x2250x1200 mm 950x1700x1250 mm 1300x2250x1200 mm 1300x2600x1200 mm
Weight (Net/Gross) 425 kg / 495 kg 540 kg / 610 kg 495 kg / 565 kg 615 kg / 690 kg 625 kg / 705 kg
*For DIN A4 form and LMC Series servo real working speed depends on the product dimensions and the film type.


All pictures and photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary due to product enhancements.


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