Nowadays, with the support of superior software and hardware, successful works are being developed in the field of Shrink Packaging Machines. Thanks to mechanic software integration, programs and ideas can manufacture. Investments in the R&D field in recent years are an indication of this.

But the good packaging of the product is not enough lonely. The only part of the production is from the packaging process. The number of employees, the cycle time, and the quality of the output is important. These are indicators of departmental productivity and reflect the unit's financial position. Almost all of the manufacturers want to reduce their production costs and look at their efficiency.

Manufacturers often have serious knowledge and experience in the production of their products, but there are serious shortcomings in this issue as they do not give the necessary attention to packaging. All manufacturers now work to eliminate losses and take steps to improve productivity, due to the existing conditions in the recipe market.

Some of the problems encountered in the packaging process can be summarized as follows:

  • Dependency of operator
  • Efficiency losses
  • Employment load
  • Material waste
  • Quality discrepancy
  • Cost of returned items
  • Brand damage
  • Competition challenges
  • Management and follow-up burden

It is wrong to search only for an automatic machine to solve these basic problems. Automatic machines do not solve all problems alone.

An operator, an automatic machine, product feed with 100% efficiency is almost impossible. Even under the best conditions, it is necessary to calculate a feed-based loss of 20% in a hand-fed automatic machine. There are also "stop-and-go" losses in processes and simultaneous loss of labor. For this reason, the product feeding unit in the packaging machine must be absolutely included in the automation.

Generally, the speed of arrival of the products entering the packaging machine from the production line and the physical stances are different in terms of the shape to be packed. The products will have to go into the packaging machine either by grouping or even by a one-to-one change of direction. With the automation techniques to be used at this point, production efficiency will change and the existing process will take an integrated form and gain speed.


Paper or other types of paper, known as pouch paper, can be used to pack products or hold multiple packaged products together

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